Thank You Card Tuesdays

It's just a little past 11 PM, and I have to get another blog in before this Tuesday is over to keep this 14-day blog challenge going. Therefore, I think I'll expand in on something I've been doing for a while.

As many of you might know, especially if you've been following me on Facebook or Twitter, I have been partaking on the tradition of "Thank You Card Tuesday". What that is basically is to send a thank you card to someone who has had a previous impact in your life, whether recently, or otherwise. In fact, if you do follow me on Facebook, you might remember that I wrote a detailed note about it during the beginning of the year. Feel free to read it here.

To make a long story short, I do believe it's important to continually express gratefulness, whether it be to the people you appreciate, or just in general. We have to be thankful and sometimes, we have to openly count our blessings. And the reasons why are 1) it can make someone's day if they know you appreciate them, and 2) you'll feel a lot better about yourself if you're openly and genuinely grateful to what others, as well as life, has to offer!

For Thank You card Tuesday, I sent as much as 20 cards (or in my case, the personalized postcards pictured below) in a week, to as little as one. I will admit, I'm not perfect and may have missed a few Tuesdays, or may have not sent them on a Tuesday. Regardless, as long as you express your gratefulness, by either sending cards or some other form of awesomeness, then you'll feel and be a much better person for it.

For today's "Thank You Card Tuesday", I looked up my former college Advanced Macro Economics Professor, and I sent him a Thank You Card. God knows, I probably didn't deserve the grade I got in his class when I took it almost 7 years ago (didn't realize it was so long ago), but I understood and appreciated the "dismal science" of Economics a lot more after he taught it.

So come Tuesdays, make it a habit to show gratefulness by sending Thank You cards. 

"Gratefulness equates to your own greatness."

D4P... PD!!!

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