One Weird Life Goal I Have...

One goal I actually have on my "Ultimate Life List" is to have my own Wikipedia page written about me.

It's a weird goal, and I don't know why exactly I came up with this goal. I guess I always felt that you have truly made it if someone has thought enough of you to write a small well-thought-out and researched biography of you, what you have accomplished, and have several other websites that point to specific points of what you have done and your significant contribution to this world.

Hopefully, WHEN this happens, it will be under good circumstances, and my "fame" won't be because I do anything to cause a bad rep (ie: Seung-Hi Cho). I would want to be immortalized with people believing I have made some sort of positive impact.

But why Wikipedia? It's a worldly recognizable reference point in the Internet, it's easy to find, well moderated, and it's written and maintained by regular (yet educated) people. I just recently discovered (when randomly googling people via the blog entry two days ago), that my good friend Arel Moodie (whom I blogged about previously) has his own Wikipedia page. Makes me motivated to have one too.

Hopefully I will get my own complete Wikipedia page one day. I think it's great to have one, not because I want to be recognized or immortalized, but in my opinion, it's a good indication that you have done something significant to change someone's life, and change the world (somehow).


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