When in doubt about an "opportunity", check out...

Ripoff Report

There are probably hundreds, no... thousands of "opportunities" out there claiming you can legitimately make a lot of money online, offline, or wherever. Most of all, they claim you can make it very easily by posting a link here, send an e-mail there, or some other small menial task. And in a few weeks, you'll make more money working a few hours, than you ever have working full-time in years. (After all, they have pictures of their ginormous checks, and numerous transactions in their clickbank accounts). I'm friends with a few "online marketers" in Facebook, and I've noticed that some of them are guilty in this.

The ripoff report website above gives you a good idea of what you should be careful of out there. If it's not a legit opportunity, chances are, someone filed a report and wrote about it on this site. These reports are pretty detailed, and a lot of them have comments backing it up. 

Honestly, I wish I knew about this site back when I was in college, or back when I got out of college. I'm not proud to say, that I've gotten ripped off several times from a lot of companies who aren't so "honest", and fell into a lot of scams. It would have saved me a lot of heartache.

So definitely use this Ripoff Report if you smell something fishy about a certain opportunity. I've been using this for a while now, and whenever I type up something I'm skeptical about... more often than not, I find it in this site. But, I will say, that not all opportunities are "bad", so if you find one that isn't, I urge you to pursue it. This website can help you determine just that.


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