Have you Googled Yourself Lately?

Just for fun, I decided to "google myself" today. I used to do this quite often, but I haven't done it in a while...

After doing so, I found that just by typing my name, I'm apparently very visible in the Internet now. It might be thanks to my blogging, it might be from the YouTube videos I've done some time ago, it might be because I'm in a lot of social networks. A lot of those may have contributed to my internet visibility. I typed in my name (without the quotes), websites that features my likeness (or likenesses of what I worked on) dominated the first 5 pages. Even the session I taught in February in Atlanta was found in the first few pages. And the first mention of another "Obedoza" isn't until page 3 (remember, this is a search without quotes. I think that's pretty cool. I dominate the "Obedoza" niche in Google. haha

One surprising (and great thing) is that despite all of this "visibility", my personal information (with the exception of my PO Box, which I don't mind people knowing) isn't published publicly. This is a good thing, for obvious privacy reasons.

Just thought I'd share that. So if you're trying to find me, I shouldn't be too hard to find (in the Internet). Just goes to show a small example of how powerful Google has become.


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