Why I Blog Like an Owl

If you have been reading my blog in the last couple of weeks, you might notice I do most of my blogs late at night. A lot of those posts actually come right before midnight. Well, there's actually a reason for that (and it's not because of procrastination issues, wink wink).

The reason why I actually do most of my posting late at night is because I usually go to bed shortly after I hit the publish button. And the two most consistent as well as crucial times of the day when your brain determines a good part of your being and does most of it's "programming", occurs 1) a few minutes after you wake up, and 2) just before you go to bed.

As you may know, I have read tons of self-development books and articles (and even wrote a couple of books on my own... see the Amazon widget above this entry). Many of these books will agree with this statement, and it's because the most crucial times for your brain to "absorb" things is before and/or after you slip into consciousness. 

If you think about that, it makes sense. We do the most habitual things that we do after we wake up and before we sleep (such as brush our teeth, say our prayers, read, exercise, etc). Not to mention, that's why a lot of experts out there don't recommend you falling asleep with the TV on... as it would fill your mind with impurity just before you slip into unconsciousness. (Refer to Eckhart Tolle's bestselling book "The New Earth" for more on this.)

But since I want to make blogging and openly expressing myself as a bigger part of who I am, I decided I should do this "self-expression" during the crucial time of just before going to bed. Not only will it help me get this activity to be more habitual, but by doing this, I am programming my brain and telling it that this is important to me. 

However, one downside to this is, if I decide to do a negative or angry post before going to bed. Anger and negativity is unhealthy for your being, and you should not go to bed with it. I'm sure many of you heard the quote... "do not go to bed when your angry" right? In that case, if I decide to post a more negative post (since we all can't be perfect), I might do those a little earlier during the day.

So in case you are wondering why I'm always cutting it close as in doing my blog posts, you have your answer. So, my advice is... if you want to make something a big part of not only your day, but also your life, "program" yourself to do it before/after bedtime consciousness.

Sweet dreams.


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