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As you can see from the blog I posted yesterday, today is the 1st day out of 14 where I'll do my daily blogging. And what better way to do so by posting my 1st blog by phone.

I just got a new Droid X a few days ago, and it is so awesome. This is my first experience with a smart phone, and it's simply too hard to put down. You can do many things with this phone, from blogging, through reading with Amazon Kindle, through all sorts of free games (to kill your productivity). Not to mention, the GPS and email features. There are free apps for lots of things. This phone does everything short of manual labor.

So there ya go... my 1st phone blog post. Cool huh? Regardless, I promise I'll talk about something a bit more interesting tomorrow.


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  1. My friend showed me his new iPad the other day and it was great except for the clumsy onscreen keyboard. We both agreed that neither then iPad or any of these smart phones can replace my relatively heavier laptop during travel just yet as I tend to do a lot of work during transit. Too bad because I'm still waiting.