Rediscovering "A New Earth"

Because of the "issues" I am currently having (which I mentioned in my last blog entry), I am re-listening to Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth in audiobook. I have been quite upset about what has been said to me, and about me. I have had a few days to stew upon my current situation, but the more I thought about my situation, and what was said (especially the things that were said justifying (what I strongly feel) is the wrong... the more I it made me upset, because I can't seem to make sense out of it. I'm always all for doing the right thing, and when people are doing nothing but making excuses and trying their best to wrongly justify things that aren't right... no matter who you are or where you are in the hierarchy, it will make me upset. Therefore, to try to make sense of things, and try to find some peace, I decided to start to re-listen to one of the deepest, most insightful works, that I have ever had a chance of absorbing.

I have only re-listened to the 1st couple of CDs. I did realize some of my faults during my current situation, and probably could have approached it in a different way after listening to some parts of it. I remembered hearing one quote that really stuck out of my mind... "realizing your own insanity is when you can gain your sanity", and by hearing that quote, it did make me look at myself a little bit.

But, after listening to most of the other parts I have listened to so far, most of my other points in this conflict I'm having were further emphasized. When Tolle discussed "possessions" and how we feel our attachment to the need to "own" certain things gets in the way of our own enlightenment, I thought about that significant flaw the person I'm having a conflict with has. What I always try to convey is that we all have mortal flaws. And we have always have to recognize them first and try to do something about them, rather than live in denial. I just wish people will realize that when I try to point that out (much more... not try to justify the antithesis of that).

But like I said, I will not discuss my full unfortunate details of my "issues" I'm currently having with people around me in this blog. The Internet is never the forum to completely air out your dirty laundry. But I just thought I'd get a little bit off my chest again (without revealing too much), as it will help me better express myself in the long term. 

I also wanted to write because I am really hoping that re-listening to this awesome work (mixed with some faith in a Higher Power and some prayer) will help bring back some of the peace I lost during the past few days. I do plan on listening to one more CD before I get to bed (like I said a few blogs ago, your mind is more receptive during that time).

I'll hopefully keep you updated in some future entries.


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